1.7 %p.m.AVERAGE
20.4 %p.a.AVERAGE

The portfolio was launched on September 1st, 2020.. Historical income is not a guarantee or indication of future income. Our goal is an average return of 15-20% p.a. while maintaining adequate risk.

Profit by months

2020--------2.51 %6.55 %-4.74 %-0.52 %3.51 %
20212.53 %6.76 %7.88 %3.55 %0.44 %4.96 %6.41 %2.24 %3.37 %-0.43 %-2.67 %-0.26 %40.13 %
2022-2.67 %0.75 %-4.91 %1.69 %5.35 %-0.54 %2.52 %1.87 %1.3 %1.04 %-3.11 %2.49 %5.46 %
2023-0.59 %-1.83 %2.39 %2.09 %3.05 %-0.61 %-1.03 %1.02 %2.4 %0.41 %2.07 %1.56 %11.34 %
20242.49 %1.99 %0.04 %2.18 %-2.69 %0.46 %------4.46 %


DJI Benchmark


Drawdown overview

The relentless rules of standard deviation say that with a targeted appreciation of 15-20% p.a. there may be a drawdown to the same extent. A qualified investor is ready for this and knows that he must give the portfolio time to overcome the ongoing declines.


Maximum Drawdown in %9.87

Ongoing Drawdown in %2.24

Dow Jones
Industrial Average

Maximum Drawdown in % 20.96

Ongoing Drawdown in %1.73

We see the real strength in a complex portfolio that ticks according to our expectation.

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